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Our Story

Action Collective aims to inspire, support, and encourage people of African descent to reach their goals. This is done by actively promoting the importance of working together to build a stronger community.

Action Collective supports the right to peacefully march and to peacefully protest.

Action Collective does not support nor condone and distances itself from any acts of threatening, intimidating, and violent behavior. We also do not support any acts of vandalism including damaging and defacing of public property

Meet Our Team


Chair Person

Yvonne Wray.webp

Yvonne is one of the founders of Action Collective and is dedicated, passionate, and always full of energy. Yvonne started Water is Life, an initiative to support a village in The Gambia to become self-sufficient by raising money to build reservoirs.  

Professional Background: Social Services Professional.


Vice Chair

Gerald Vice Chair Person.webp

Gerald is also one of the founders of Action Collective. Eager, informative, and straight to the point. Gerald is a great source of knowledge in keeping up to date with important issues affecting the African diaspora community.
Professional Background: Government and Public Services Professional.



Keith Tresurer.webp

Another founding member of Action Collective. Keith ensures all our dealings and activities are up to date. Keith has a wealth of knowledge in historic and political topics affecting people of the African diaspora.
Professional Background: IT Consultant


Charity Secretary

Alicia Charity Secretary.webp

 Keeping actions up to date and managing documentation, web content, and media. Alicia makes sure a clear record is kept of all our meetings and plans.
Professional background: Business Analyst

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