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Black British History

Action Collective aims to inspire, support and encourage people of African descent to reach their goals, by actively promoting the importance of working together to build a stronger community.

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Lesson 1

Changing an ignorant historian

Lesson 2

Empire Windrush and the Beginnings of Modern Black Britain

Lesson 3

The Calypso Years 1948 - 1962

Lesson 4

The Rock & Roll Years and The Teddy Boys - 1950 - 1960

Lesson 5

What Jobs Did Black Migrants Do?

Lesson 6

Anti-Black Violence 1958 - 1959


Claudia Jones and The Birth of Carnival


Origin of Mersey Beat and British Rhythm and blues 1958-1965

Lesson 9

The Ska Years 1959 -1965

Lesson 10

Civil Rights Struggles 1963 – 1970


Civil Rights Struggles 1963 - 1970 pt.2


Enoch Powell and The ‘Rivers of Blood’ Speech

Lesson 13

The Africanisation of Black Britain

Lesson 14

Class 21: 1981: Year of Confrontation


Black Activism and ‘Black History Month


Entering The Mainstream - Intellectuals pt.1

Lesson 17

Entering The Mainstream - Intellectuals pt.2

Lesson 18

Racial Disparity Report 2021


Entering The MainStream – Literature


Entering The Mainstream - Politics

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