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'Bayonets, Mangoes and Beads', is a unique collection of poetry and academic facts heralding the untold stories of Commonwealth soldiers from Africa and the Caribbean during both World Wars.

Get the book by following the link below:

The poem read in the video is entitled M.I.A.


A Poem. (Decoding the hidden messages behind the colonial school system).

This poem was written and performed by Yvonne Wray of Action Collective. The lack of acknowledgment of the vast achievements by people of African descent inspired this poem. It is important that we teach our children what the schools cannot and will not about the achievements of African Descent people. Knowing our history builds self esteem and encourages our children to believe they can achieve great things.


A Poem by Shen


Time is precious, so make sure you use it wisely. Time is something you cannot get back, once it's gone it's gone. This is an incitefull poem by Shen about the importance of time.

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