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Sheffield Basketball Summer Boot Camp.

The basketball boot camp provided a safe space for boys and girls ages 12 to 16 encouraging the youth of Ethnic descent with background opportunities to bond friendships and practice the art of discipline to achieve the goals to create alliances for the benefit of the team. Young people belonging to ethnic and Religious groups in the UK can experience inner turmoil relating to their sense of identity. There can be a conflict between the expectations of family and community and the extra pressure of fitting in with their peers and assimilation into the local culture. It is essential for young people to see positive role models. we employed black basketball coaches for this reason. "Depression is a psychological condition affecting around 6% of the world's population. Factors like socioeconomic variables, health, and race may contribute to a higher level of predisposition to the disease. In children and adolescents, these predictors may be even stronger and have a significant impact on mental health, especially in black individuals".  

Action Collective is a charity that identifies the needs of the African diaspora community. We aim to inspire and actively encourage the importance of maintaining psychological well-being and physical health. 


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